T300 Programming cable for 5AS ECU.

The T300 and T300+ are key programming and diagnostic tools which can be used to program remote fobs to the 5AS alarm ECU.


Their relatively cheap cost have made them a popular item among MG-Rover owners and associated car clubs.


The tool is usually supplied with a number of cables and adapters but it lacks a cable that allows it to communicate with the 5AS ECU.


This cable performs that function, it also allows connection to the various supported MEMS engine ECU's via the built in switch, this saves having to change to the EOBD cable supplied with the tool.


Each cable is hand made using quality components and tested using actual 5AS and MEMS ECU's.

Prices as follows;


UK Customers: £25.00 - Delivery included.


All other locations: £35.00 - Tracked Priority delivery included.

UK Customers

All other locations


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