Pektron SCU - Replacement relay for the original Pektron 0662P04A

I can supply a quality HG4508 relay that is a direct replacement for the original Pektron 0662P04A relay as fitted to the following Pektron modules:


MG-Rover SCU/BCU  - YWC001540, YWC001541, YWC001550 and YWC001551.


LDV ESA Module - 587 700 010


LDV ETACS Module - 587 610 006, 587 610 007



The OE relay used by Pektron has a very high failure rate caused by corrosion and fracture of the very fine wire used in the relay coil.


The faulty relays must be desoldered from the module and the replacements soldered in place. If you don't want to have to solder I offer a  Relay Replacement Service.


To make a purchase please select your region below, postage is included in the relay price for UK, EU and Rest Of World customers.


There are two purchase options available:


A set of 5 relays.


For MG TF owners, a set of 5 relays and the correct Torx bit needed to remove the SCU bracket.




All prices include postage to your location.



UK Customers

UK Quantity / Postage

Mainland EU Customers

EU Quantity / Postage

Rest Of World Customers

R.O.W Quantity / Postage


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