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I can repair all problems associated with the MG-Rover Pektron SCU, I can offer full diagnostics and programming including options not available on the dealer T4 tool.


These units have the part numbers YWC001540 and YWC001541 and were fitted to vehicles from 2003 onwards.


I can also repair the 315MHz versions of this unit as fitted to Australian, New Zealand and Japan vehicles, these units have the part numbers YWC001550 and YWC001551. 


The most common problem with the SCU is relay failure. This stems from the fact that poor quality relays were used in the original manufacture.


Other common faults are;


Damage by water ingress (Rover 25/Streetwise & MG ZR)


Horn operates constantly.


Indicators flash too quickly.


Indicators and/or Hazards do not operate.


Lack of remote fob transmission range.


Tailgate (boot) release does not work.


Circuit board burn-up caused by tailgate wiring loom faults and 

surges caused by jump starting.


Unit does not power up.



This section lists the repair services and spare parts I can supply for the Pektron SCU.


I offer an SCU relay replacement service and can repair any SCU fault.


I also offer a number of parts that can be used for a DIY repair.

Pektron SCU Relay Replacement Service

Relay failure is the most common fault with the Pektron SCU, I can offer a relay replacement service if you don't want to carry out soldering on the circuit board yourself.


The relays control the following circuits...


Drivers window.

Rear Foglights. 


Windscreen Washers, front and rear.

Central Locking.

Superlocking (Door deadlocking). 

Intermittent Front Wiper. 


The standard repair consists of replacing all five relays and a full working test of the SCU.


For UK customers the cost is £50 and for EU customers it is £65.


This repair service requires that you send your original faulty SCU module to me for repair.


Repairs are carried out on the same day as received and the EKA Code is retrieved from the SCU memory at no extra cost.


Return delivery in the UK is by Royal Mail 1St Class Recorded or Special Delivery 1pm, this is included in the repair cost.


Return delivery in the EU is by Royal Mail International Signed / Signed & Tracked, this is included in the repair cost.







UK Customers

Mainland EU Customers

Rest Of World Customers

Please contact me for a shipping quote to your country.

Replacement Relay for the original Pektron 0662P04A relay

A quality relay that is a direct replacement for the 0662P04A relay as fitted to the MG-ROVER Pektron SCU and the ESA and ETACS modules as fitted to the LDV Maxus range of vans.


The reliability of this relay is such that I offer a 5 year warranty on this item, over 9000 have been sold to date. 


The price for a quantity of 5 relays contains a discount.

The faulty relays must be desoldered from the SCU circuit board and the replacements soldered in place. Please use my Replacement Relay Service if you don't want to have to solder!


To make a purchase please select from the relevant section below.


Unfortunately due to losses in the postal system and Customs issues I have had to change the postal method used for EU and Rest Of World customers.


All deliveries will be via a Tracked/Signed For service.


Due to the increased cost of postage for EU and Rest Of World locations (Australia, New Zealand , Americas etc.) it only makes economic sense to purchase 5 relays.


All prices include postage to your location.


MG TF Owners. 


You can purchase 5 relays and the important Torx bit together at the special discounted price of £22.00 inclusive of postage (£29.80 for EU customers / £31.00 for Rest Of World customers).


UK Customers

UK Quantity / Postage

Mainland EU Customers

EU Quantity / Postage

Rest Of World Customers

R.O.W Quantity / Postage

Remote Fobs

I can offer full fob programming services including the ability to program fobs to SCU modules which have no working fobs and cannot be accessed using standard "on vehicle" diagnostic tools.


I always have new OE fobs in stock, priced at £80 each supplied and programmed.


If your original fob(s) have lost sync with the SCU there is a very good possibility that I can recover the fob operation without the need to supply and program new fobs.


I also keep stock of new fob cases, case parts and components to repair any fob fault.

SCU Programming

I can provide all programming opttions for the Pektron SCU, these services are covered by two fixed charges.


This service includes any or all of the following options...


Fob programming. The SCU can be programmed with up to 10 remote fobs. 


Option enabling and disabling. The SCU has a huge range of configurable options, some are vehicle model dependent. I can enable options that wouldn't normally apply to your model of vehicle ie.  enable the boot release feature on an MG TF.


The SCU has the following configurable options;


Programmable EMS (Immobiliser) and EKA codes.


Vehicle Configuration: production and customer options;


Basic Central Locking enable.

Superlocking Yes/No.
Superlocking activated by Single or Double fob press.
Speed activated locking.
BBUS sounder or horn sounder for alarm.

Passive immobiliser time-out period.
Electric window enable.
"One shot down" drivers window.
"Auto before Inch" - drivers window moves down in one 

inch increments.

Window delay - windows work for a period of time after
ignition off.

Window delay timed period (factory set to 30 seconds).

Auto door relocking.

Auto door relocking timed period (factory set to 30 seconds).
Front fog lamps.
Tailgate release.

Rear wiper/wash enable.
Front Dribble Wipe - a delayed single wiper sweep after screen wash operation.

Programmed Wash/Wipe - wipers are automatically activated on screen wash operation.
Headlamp washer.
Intermittent wipe duration, 1,2,3 or 4 wipes.
Ultrasonic sensor enable.

Dash switch type - latching or soft touch (facelift) type
Inertia switch input - petrol or diesel.

Mislock sound.
Perimetric alarm exclusion.
Interior lights activated on disarm.
Hazards active on inertia switch trigger.
Transit mode sounder.
Factory mode.


EKA code retrieval and modification to your choice.







The cost for UK customers is £75 and EU customers is £95, this includes return delivery of your SCU.


UK Customers

Mainland EU Customers

SCU & Engine ECU


This service covers the security matching of an SCU to any engine ECU, petrol or diesel, this process is usually required if the SCU or ECU have been replaced.


The programming options from the SCU ONLY list above can be carried out at the same time at no extra cost.


Both modules will also receive a full function and diagnostic test.


This option can also be purchased if you want data cloned from an existing SCU to a replacement SCU.


UK customers: £45, includes return delivery.


EU customers: £55, includes return delivery.


UK Customers

Mainland EU Customers

TPIC6A595 and TPIC6C595 Driver IC's

The TPIC6A595 and TPIC6C595 driver IC's are used in the Pektron SCU to switch on the internal relays and also control external relays and low power circuits.


The TPIC6A595 is used to drive the external indicator relays. When this IC fails it can cause the indicators to remain on.


There are two TPIC6C595 IC's fitted to the board, when one of these IC's fails it keeps the horn 

switched on.


All of the IC's are surface mounted devices, these can be difficult to replace. Please only attempt the

replacement of these IC's if you have the correct equipment and experience.


The prices given below include delivery, for UK customers this is by 1st Class post and Standard Airmail for EU customers.

UK Customers


UK Quantity / Postage


UK Quantity / Postage

Mainland EU Customers


EU Quantity / Postage


EU Quantity / Postage

Torx TS25 5 Spline Security Bit

A specialised security bit used to remove the screws holding the SCU bracket on the MGTF.


5 Lobe Torx TS25.


This bit is also suitable for various fixings used on BMW diesel engines, ie. MAF sensor.


Standard 1/4" Hexagonal tool fitment.





Price includes delivery: UK by 2nd Class post.


UK Customers - £3.80 each.


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