Immobiliser Code Emulator

This small module can be fitted to a wide range of MG, Rover and Land Rover ECU's and allows operation without the need for an external alarm or body control module. This is the solution for engines being fitted in kit-car applications or where an aftermarket alarm is preferred.

This is a hardware solution, not the common "decode" that is carried out by eeprom modification.

The module is processor based and runs software that emulates the digital code normally sent by a mobilised alarm ECU or body control module. My own software and hardware design.


This module can be used on the following ECU's :


Rover MEMS 1.6
Rover MEMS 1.9
Rover MEMS 2J
Rover/MG MEMS 3 (*)

Rover/MG EDC15


Land Rover TD5
Land Rover MEMS 3 (*)


(*) Please be aware that the MEMS3 ECU fitted to Rover 75, MG ZT and the post 2000 Land Rover Freelander use a different immobiliser protocol (BMW EWS3) and they cannot be modified by the addition of this module.



A single charge applies for this service, irrespective of the ECU type being modified.




Your ECU must be sent to me, the cost includes supply of the module, fitting it inside the ECU case, programming and return delivery.


I do not supply the module on its own.



UK Customers: £40.00


EU Customers: £50.00

UK Customers

Mainland EU Customers


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