Rover 45 - MG ZS  Climate Control Repair

The most common item to fail is the electronic fan controller, officially called "PWM Transistor Pack" but usually referred to as a "Hedgehog".


The original MG-Rover part number for this item is JGN000010, this is no longer available as a new spare part.


The module was manufactured by an Italian company called Bitron for Delphi Diavia, the original part number is 133000/3 CEV/5.


The usual faults include;

  • Fan running at full speed.
  • Fan running slowly.
  • No fan operation - unit dead.
  • Limited range of fan speed.


The fixed repair charge covers the "stock faults" that this module suffers from, the module must be intact and not damaged. Return delivery is included, via Royal Mail Special Delivery for UK customers and International Signed For for customers outside of the UK.




Please be aware that the usual reason for failure of the PWM Module is a faulty fan motor. The motor will either be drawing excessive current (siezed bearings) or is generating electrical spikes (worn brushes). The underlying fan motor fault MUST be rectified before refitting a repaired module!


I replace a number of components to increase reliability, extra protection is added and the two power MOSFET transistors are replaced with uprated components designed for motor drive applications rather than the IRFZ44N transistors that were originally fitted.

These uprated transistors have increased current handling capacity, 3.5 times higher than the original and are better protected against voltage spikes and transients with a voltage rating 2 times higher than the original, however they will not compensate for a faulty fan motor.



  ********  Please note!  ********

Modules sent for repair that are found to have had a poorly carried out previous repair, are missing parts or have been damaged by water ingress are not covered by the fixed repair charge and these will incur higher repair charges.

The maximum repair charge will never exceed £65 and this includes return delivery.




You need to remove the faulty module and send it to me, I do not have this item for sale.






UK Customers - PWM Controller Repair - £60.00

Mainland EU Customers - PWM Controller Repair - £75.00


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